Sunday, 17 April 2011

The banality of snobbery and the class system in the UK

"These days, the majority of the population of the UK seem to not take much notice of classes. I say “most” because there seems to still be a feeling of animosity amongst a select few people of the upper class “movement”. Just last week, at the well-known charity shop I volunteer at, we had a woman come in and, as I’m a nice, social person, we got to talking as she browsed. The fact that she was an English teacher came up and so I feigned interest with an: “Oh right, that’s cool.” To which she responded by saying to me, “I think, therefore I am’ – do you know who said that?” to which, slightly confusedly, I replied: “The French philosopher, Descartes”. The only reason I knew that, just as a side-note, was because I’m reading a “50 condensed philosophical ideas” book at the moment in which he is mentioned. She then proceeded to ask me..."


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